<3 Fall.











































































































Gorgeous colours, pumpkins, corn, apple picking – so many fun things to do! And that means more opportunities to capture the fun. More to come….


This truly has been a lazy hazy summer. Lots of heat and humidity, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying it! I return to work in 2 weeks, and will miss the time I get to spend with my babies. I have only had a few sessions over the summer, hoping it will pick up a bit in the fall. A session was recently raffled off for a benefit night, and I am hoping the immer will want to travel through the conservation area in September to capture all of the turning leaves. It is one of my favourite places to be! During this summer, my favourite photos have taken place in fields and forests. I have a few more planned for my own daughter as part of her ‘one year old’ collection (she is the last two photos here. Again, we have Courtney and her handsome man Colton, and this was a hot one to shoot! That is one thing to look forward too about fall I suppose ❤

I haven’t been out and about doing many sessions lately, but I do have a few to update along with some of my own photos, and some news. On August 13 there will be a benefit dance held at Zorba’s for a couple I work with, who were involved in a motorcycle accident that left one of them hospitalized for quite some time (he still is). To contribute towards raising money to help, I am donating a one hour session for raffle. So if you want to help, get your details here and come support a good cause!

Onto the photos 🙂




and some of my own lovlies.

I loved the hat his mom had at this session. He is such a cutie in it and we got some fun shots too 🙂 He was about 8 weeks at this session, and we were still able to coax him to sleep for some of the shots.


Safe in Mommy's Arms

I love fall colours, and the opportunities it gives for photography. Though I haven’t done as much as I’d like outdoors with the leaves and autumn scenery,  I have gotten the chance to do some fall themed shots. With back to school just behind us, apples scream fall, as do the bright colours, fruit baskets and leaves. I hope to get my own kids out before it is too late but that is easier said than done! We have a variety here, a few shots from 3 sessions, 6 months, 3 months and 1 month old  babies 🙂

and of course, we are heading into the holiday season so we have a Santa baby 🙂 look for more holiday photos soon!

It is amazing how quickly you forget how tiny a newborn baby is. My newest is only 8 weeks old and still, when I was photographing Colton he seemed so small in comparison, even to Ally at birth.  Time flies by quickly and I just love bitty baby photographs – they’ll be viewed for years and years and are so important for parents to have. And who doesn’t love just being around newborns? 🙂